Maggie Beer, Jazz and Kangaroo


I woke up on Friday 8th of November thinking that my mum and I were going to have a great day at the Food and Wine Show in Brisbane. A day of trying lots of new products a few slips of wine *hehe* and finish by watching Maggie Beer in the Celebrity Theatre with 1000 other people cooking something. Well the day went as planned and we ate and drank and purchased some wonderful wares… Then things kind of changed a little… We went to Maggie’s cooking demonstration (mum and I were in the second row) She talked for a little, then asked for a volunteer to help her cook the kangaroo. I think that most of the hands went up in the theatre because lets face it, we all want our 15mins of fame 🙂 Well then Maggie said “hang on this person who comes up here has to have a special skill. They have to be able to sing” Well all 6ft tall of me stood up in the second row and I yelled “I can sing, in fact I’m a singing teacher” So obviously Maggie didn’t look at anyone else 🙂 so up I went, she asked me what I sang and I said Funk, Soul, Blues and Jazz. So she asked me to sing a Jazz standard for her. She gave me the microphone and I started singing. (I must pause here and say that I’m sure she has done this many time but I’m not sure that everyone that gets up on stage can actually sing) Well the look on Maggie’s face was amazing, she was delighted and shocked… she started to sing with me and laughed and when I finished gave me the biggest hug. The audience all 1000 of them clapped, but my focus was just on Maggie 🙂 Then we cooked some Kangaroo, talked about music like no one else was watching and ate some kangaroo. After it was all said and done she asked for my card, (but I’m not really expecting her to call) and gave me the most beautiful gift box of her amazing food.So that was my unexpected day in Brisbane… What it did make me realise is that somehow I have to combine my love of singing with my love of food!

Singing for Maggie  Cooking with Maggie