Control versus Strength in Singing


So who would win in a competition Batman vs Superman, Wonder-woman vs Cat-woman, Captain Kirk vs Captain Picard… this is very interesting but what has it got to do with singing? My question to you is Control vs Strength? Do you sacrifice Control so you can get Strength? Is it possible to have Strength and Control? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and I will be posting again tomorrow with what I think is a solution!

Writing in reference to my last Post Control Vs Strength… Let me talk about strength… Think about how you build muscles at the gym… You push the muscle just beyond its capacity and micro-tears form in the muscle fibres… Micro-tears are a natural part of building and strengthening all muscles. This is because (provided we give time for the muscles to repair) when the muscles are “torn” the body begins repairing and as it repairs it strengthens the muscles fibres making them stronger than they were before… the muscle also increased in mass and appears larger. This principle applies to ALL muscles, including the muscles of the larynx and around the vocal chords. So the key to building strength is to push the vocal muscles into a ‘micro-tear’ state (just beyond what is comfortable) and then allow time for the muscle to repair. This process will increase the strength of the muscles and should always we done under the supervision of a qualified singing teach/vocal coach (what every you are calling it these days) Your teacher should be able to extend and “push” beyond your comfort zone even when you don’t think that you can… you can(mostly this is done during exercises). When practicing… after a good warm up always try and extend your range higher and lower every time you practice. IT WILL BUILD YOUR STRENGTH!!! as long as you a not “pushing” your voice too far or for longer than one hour and you rest YOU WILL BUILD STRENGTH… You want to build the correct muscles so that you will have strength in the right places and not do any damage. Remember to always do this under supervision of an instructor… Just like the GYM!!!

CONTROL is built through a very different process. REPETITION! When you repeat the same correct techniques over and over again. Your neural pathways will change to tell the muscles this is the way that it is to be done! This is a very active and long term process compared to the relatively short process of building strength!.That is why it is important to practice correctly because you don’t want to implement the wrong neural pathways 🙂 So, in the end you develop control over the actions of the muscles and this will depend on how often you practice the correct technique and also how good your focus is.

So the verdict…. ALWAYS focus on CONTROL and work on STRENGTH, giving yourself time to repair, recover and rebuild!
I hope this is helpful 🙂