Emotional Connection


So I thought it was time for me to post on my page!!! I haven’t read anything new as I’ve been busy falling in and out of love as well as teaching primary school children the fundamentals of guitar!

So I am going to share something that I have learnt and something that I know… What happens in your life affects the way you sing… Your emotions are a major part of your connection to music and hence they affect your approach to a song… How you relate to that music, what songs you choose to sing at particular times and many times your technique! When you open your mouth to sing, your teacher (if they are aware of this) can tell your mood, what has been happening in your life because what is in your heart comes out your mouth!
Think about that painful love song that you didn’t really connect with until your heart was broken… at that point you truly understood what you were singing about! Or that song about the joy of something that you love and really suits your voice, but didn’t have any really passion or power to it until you experience it in your real life… then the song was transformed because of your experience… As vocalist we need to cling to our emotions and use them to better our performance and technique. Understanding and channeling our emotions into our music transforms songs from a musical number into a musical encounter that has the capability of touching, changing, healing and empowering people’s lives! That is the sort of singer I continue to aspire to be and I hope you do to! Thanks for readingĀ