Liz Connolly is an amazing vocal teacher of Contemporary Vocal Technique.
If I could pick anyone to entrust my vocal chords to (again), shed be my first pick! A few things (out of many) I’ve learnt include breathing techniques, correct placement, how to elliminate vocal strain and most importantly, helping me realize the potential I have as a vocalist and that its not just about singing for singing sake, but using my voice to connect with the heart of the Father.

Whether you’re on worship team at church, in a choir or an aspiring singer songwriter, Liz is the woman!

Hui Tang

Elizabeth walked me through 3 years of intensive vocal training at C3 College. She is a highly qualified and experienced vocal teacher whom is dedicated to the development of her students. I greatly appreciate Liz’s commitment to the pedagogy of vocal technique, as I would not be the vocalist/tutor that I am today without her training methods. I would highly recommend her expertise and resources to all vocal enthusiasts.
Christie Lee Pannell
I had the privilege of getting taught the correct vocal technique’s by the one and only Liz Connolly for three years. Her 7 Technique program aims to improve not only your vocal quality, but also your understanding of how the voice works, and the correct way to sing – singing is 98% thinking. Those high notes that once made me push and damage my vocal chords, now are easy to hit and come naturally, with the right vocal technique. Without Liz I would not of been able to get a 98% for my music HSC – of which I got nominated for ‘Encore’.
I can now rely on these technique’s when I perform live to have control over my voice, which takes out the stress of live performance. I am incredibly grateful for the lessons I had with Liz, and the ongoing wisdom that she instills in my music career. I guarantee the result you will get from Liz’s teaching is improved vocal strength and quality. I have a lot to thank Liz for. 

Madeline Veda

Liz’s technique and understanding of the voice is outstanding.. A system that proves with consistency and repetition from the student results can be phenomenal.. Before I had lessons with Liz I sang with pain because of placement and bad technique now I never get (only raspy sometimes if I’m tired hahahahaha)
Kelly Taylor

I have had the privilege of Liz’s vocal instructions for 10 years, and the experience has been fantastic. She really brings insight into the body being your instrument, and her holistic teaching style has the great effect of not just helping you reach a certain standard, but truly becoming the best vocalist you can be. She is quick to see the gold in each of her students, and works hard to chip away the muck of bad habits and lazy technique so you see excellent results. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough, for anybody wanting to find their voice.

R. Brennan A.IMEB L.IMEB