How Well Do You Know Your Body


I have just been reading an article from a voice journal that I subscribe too called the “Journal of Singing” which comes from America. The article makes reference to Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences specifically Musical Intelligence. It discusses how music is an integral part of language intelligent, Logical-mathematical intelligence, Spacial intelligence, Kinaesthetic intelligence as well as Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences. While all these intelligences are fascinating in how they relate to music, INTRAPERSONAL intelligence is what I find most intriguing and most valuable for the vocalist.
How well you know yourself? How well do you know your body, the muscles, what they do, and how they relate to you making the best possible sound? Instrumentalist search high and low for the best sound, the best instrument they can afford, why not vocalist? How well do you know how you make your sound, or do you just open your mouth and hope for the best. I have always said that the Voice is hard to teach because it is on the inside of you and you can’t just put your finger on something and make a sound. How much money do you spend on what goes into your body to make the sound that you want it to make… is it good CLEAN Food, Water?
The best singers, know their voice, their body, what works for them, what doesn’t, how they make the best sound without tension or pain.
AND the most important thing is WHAT DOES YOUR VOICE SOUND LIKE….???? when was the last time you practiced or sang and taped what you sounded like. In todays technologically advanced world it is so easy to record. Please do it and find out what you actually sound like. The voice in your head isn’t the voice that people hear…. we all know it because we hate listening to ourselves on answering machine, but that is what we sound like when we talk, so check what you sound like when you sing… you could be surprised :)) You are your instrument, know your instrument the best you can, care for it, it has to last a long time!